Where creativity and strategy work together to express the essence of your brand.

Where creativity and strategy work together to express the essence of your brand.

¿Quién hay detrás?Who is behind it?

I'm Irene Morant, the creative mind behind ESTUDIO MOIR. I create, design and empower brands through their values to bring out their true essence.

Have you ever had something right in front of you for a long time and not been able to see it? The same thing happened to me in the world of design. Since I was a child, I loved to draw logos and paint business cards I found around the house without knowing why. I would look at existing logos and draw variations of them, or create them from scratch. Of course, being so young, I didn’t know that this could be a career opportunity. Fortunately, some time and experiences later I discovered it.

Solving other people's problems has always been in my DNA. Call it instinct, passion or empathy.

When I learned that I could help solve problems through creativity and design my life changed completely.

And this is reflected in the projects I've had the honor of working on over the past few years.

For as long as I can remember I have seen my father raise his business with passion, enthusiasm and effort, and this taught me that it is very necessary to feel love for what you do. So I have always known that the time would come for me to become an entrepreneur. Maybe 2020 wasn’t the best year to do it…or maybe it was. Something inside me pushed me to take the step. I felt uncertainty, doubts and fears, but the desire to draw my own path came to the forefront and I threw myself into the adventure.

Since then, I have worked with different brands from different sectors and I have become the creative partner that these businesses need. That person that the client trusts, because every design decision is made with the audience in mind, because absolutely every step we take in the design process is hand in hand, and because my involvement with every project is such that you will feel that you are working with a person who cares about your business. Because I really care, deeply.

My motto

“I believe that businesses that value design will always be one step ahead of the rest.”

3 turning points in my life

My entrepreneurship began simultaneously with a job opportunity at a global agency in New York. This job has allowed me to work with big brands such as Ralph Lauren, Meta and L’Oreal among others, while learning to work in an efficient, responsible and creative way. Thanks to this opportunity I have been able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: to live for a while in the Big Apple as a real New Yorker.

If I had to highlight one of my projects, it would be: Sororidad Creativa. During my last year at university I started to look for internships and I noticed that most of the top people in design studios were men, but I had been surrounded by women during my studies. However, I had been surrounded by women during my years of studies, so what happens to creative women? From this question arose my final thesis.

Sororidad Creativa is a graphic research on the role of women in the creative industry in Spain.

Maybe starting a business in 2020 was not the best idea, as I mentioned before. Not only because of the situation we were living – which was also – but also because I, in June 2020, was 21 years old. At the age of 21, logically, I had not yet submitted my final thesis and I had no work experience other than the internships I had done during my studies. But I knew I had to do it and to this day, I know it was the best decision I could have made. The beginnings were complicated, there are many things you don’t learn at university and I had to face situations I never imagined, but thanks to this I have learned and I have been improving my processes until I have what I have today: an efficient, clear and 100% functional creative process.